Leatherback (HeroClix)
Product Information
Type Tabletop Figure
Series HeroClix Series
Release July 10, 2013 [1]
Height APPROX. 2.5"
Item no.

Leatherback is a HeroClix tabletop figure developed by NECA. The collection was released July 10, 2013.[2]

Official Description

"Recreate the gigantic action of Pacific Rim on your tabletop! The mechs and monsters from Guillermo del Toro’s sci-fi action movie are now available as figures for the best-selling HeroClix tabletop game by WizKids. Collect all 10 miniature figures and battle for the survival of humanity! The special rotating base on each figure tracks your progress and lets you use special abilities, so there’s no need to keep score. "
—Product Description[1]


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