Lima is the capital and the largest city of Peru. It was the location of a major Kaiju attack[1] and the location of the second major Shatterdome constructed by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[2]



Following the construction of Hong Kong Shatterdome, Lima began construction of their own Shatterdome. The construction of the building was prompted by the May 2016 attack of the Category II Kaiju, Onibaba. Director of Finances, Francisco Gutierrez, reported to Ramon Rodriguez that shareholders were willing to part with $19,647,000,000 CLP to ensure its construction.[2]

The Shatterdome opened August 9, 2016, and was designed to protect the Western and Southern Hemisphere. The Mark-2 Jaegers, Diablo Intercept, Solar Prophet and the Mark-3 Jaeger Matador Fury were later established as the Shatterdome's Strike Group.[2]

Undated Kaiju Attack

Late into the Kaiju War, a Kaiju targeted the city of Lima. The Chinese Mark-1 Jaeger, Horizon Brave was deployed to protect the city and was able to stop the Kaiju, but at the cost of its pilots lives. The Jaeger itself was left in irreparable state and was later sent to Oblivion Bay.[1]


The Lima Shatterdome was shut down a year before the end of the Kaiju War, on Oct 18, 2024. It was reportedly sold to the Puerivan Government as a consequence.[3]