Kaiju Excrement
Excrement in Manila left by Hundun[1]
LocationSoutheast Asia
Notable EventsSecond Kaiju attack (February 5, 2014)[2][3]
Category IV Kaiju attack (2019)[4]

Manila is the capital and the second largest city of the Philippines. It is the location of a major Kaiju attack in 2014[2] and 2019.[4]



The event was the second occurrence of a Kaiju attack in the aftermath of August 10, 2013.[5] The Kaiju Hundun[6] made landfall in Taal, Batangas sometime during the night and during a tropical storm, February 5, 2014.[3][7][8] It crossed the lake, moving foward into Laguna Bay and then, Taguig City. By the time officials knew what was happening, Hundun attacked the Metropolitan Manila area of the city.

Hundun was killed with a single tactical nuclear weapon just east of the city. The excrement left by the creature contaminated the environment of the city.[2] What was thought to be a random occurrence was revealed to be a slowly reoccurring pattern.


December 16, 2019, a Category IV Kaiju emerged from the Breach. Its presence necessitated a three Jaeger team to isolate the creature. During the fight with the Kaiju featuring an effective barbed-tail, Horizon Brave is overpowered. Gipsy Danger and Lucky Seven (piloted by Herc Hansen) are forced to intervene, Gipsy Danger landing in the killing blow to the Kaiju.[4][9]



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