Matador Fury is a Mark-3 Mexican Jaeger.


Matador Fury is piloted by two ex-convicts who work with the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[6] The stipulation behind their cooperation was if they piloted the Matador Fury "one more time" they could earn their freedom.[6] Sometime during the Kaiju War, Matador Fury is destroyed and taken to Oblivion Bay.[4]


When questioned on the whereabouts of Mexico's Jaeger on Twitter, writer Travis Beacham replied, "They all have names. Mexico's is Matador Fury" and that the film's "bible" was "very big".[1] Guillermo del Toro's intention was to include Matador Fury in the movie, but states that the inclusion of both the characters and the Jaeger itself "was just too many backstories" [6].


  • According to Travis Beacham, Matador Fury's pilots aren't criminals despite their status as convicts.[7]
  • According to Travis Beacham, both pilots are male.[8]


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