Matt "Batt" Banning is a Canadian comic book artist and Inker. He was a one of nine artists involved in the production of Legendary Comics Pacific Rim: Uprising.


Banning's career began in 1992 at DC Comics. His first project was the first volume of the title L.E.G.I.O.N.. Banning spent a majority of the 90's working as a freelance artist for companies as Image Comics, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics. He gained some notoriety within the industry during his time with Top Cow Comics working on the series Cyber-Force, The Darkness, and Ascencion, a title that he co-created.[1][2]

At a later time, he become a permanent artist at DC Comics, and has since worked on titles as such as the second volume of Batman, the fifth volume of Green Lantern, and the Superman/Wonder Woman during the New 52.[1][2]

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