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Biographical information
Birth name Max
Family Chuck Hansen
Herc Hansen
Physical description
Career information
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Pacific Rim
Actor(s) Max[1]
"Don't drool over Miss Mori! ...Sees a pretty girl and he gets all wound up."
—Herc Hansen[2]

Max is the pet bulldog of Chuck and Herc Hansen.[2]


Little is known about Max prior to the year 2025. He serves as an emotional conduit for his owner, Chuck and his father, Herc. The Hansens use Max as a means of communicating with each other, showing the bulldog affection they would not share with each other.[note 1][1]

Hong Kong Incident

Max accompanies Chuck and Herc from Sydney, Australia to Hong Kong. During Raleigh Becket's tour of the Hong Kong Shatterdome with Mako Mori and Stacker Pentecost, Max greets Mako who plays with him, rubbing his belly. After Mako prepares to take Raleigh to see Gipsy Danger, Max is called back to Chuck's side.[2] Max later accompanies Chuck in the mess hall while he eats lunch with his father and Raleigh.

Prior to his departure for Operation Pitfall, Chuck says goodbye to Max and asks Herc to look after him. Max remains at Herc's side in the LOCCENT Mission Control as the elder Hansen oversees the mission.[2]


  • According to Travis Beacham, Max is eight or nine years old.[3]
  • Striker Eureka's decal may be modeled after Max.[4]




  1. Robert Kazinsky: That was Guillermo’s idea. [...] The dog’s name was Max, ironically, and we ended up using Max for so many things. The story was that Herc and Chuck have difficulty communicating, that they communicated via the dog, and all the love that they couldn’t show each other they would show the dog. Max became a very important part of this triumvirate of me, Max and Max.


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