"We won't even make it past the shallows!"
—McTighe to Merrit[2]

McTighe[2][3] is the first mate of the fishing vessel, the Saltchuck.


February 29, 2020, the crew of the Saltchuck are caught in a storm outside the coast of Alaska. Searching for safety from the storm, McTighe and his captain, Merrit, mistake the Kaiju, Knifehead, approaching their ship underwater for a for an island.

It is not until McTighe realizes that the distance between them and the "island" is growing smaller that he and Merit recognize Knifehead as a Kaiju and attempt to turn the ship away from the creature as it emerges from the water. McTighe and the others are caught in the middle of fight between Knifehead and the Jaeger, Gipsy Danger. The ship narrowly misses being crushed by Gipsy Danger's left arm when it's torn off.

The fate of McTighe and the Saltchuck crew is left uncertain in the aftermath of Gipsy Danger's Pyrrhic victory against Knifehead until Raleigh hears a radio transmission that the ship was rescued.[3]