Technical Information
Given Name Meathead
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Battle Information
Target Information
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
Horizon Brave

Meathead[1] is a Kaiju that appears on the cover of Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero.


Meathead is decorated in hues of green, red and black. The kaiju has two curved horns on its head, four legs and a tail in what appears to be three pincers at the end.


Meathead is never featured in the narrative of the graphic novel, Tales From Year Zero. He appears on the front cover designed by artist Alex Ross. The Kaiju battles the Chinese Jaeger, Horizon Brave. Meathead was designed by artist Simon Lee.[2]


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  • Meathead is one of the few known Kaiju that walk on all four limbs, others being Otachi and Leatherback.


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