Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Subject: Kaiju and the Marketplace
Chapter: Chapter 28, Page 264
Prepared for Pan-Pacific Defense Corps by [Redacted]

The worldwide market in kaiju parts is certainly a multibillion-dollar industry. Practitioners of traditional medicines have made unsupportable claims about the powers of kaiju organs to cure various afflictions. Among the remedies sold on the black market are the following:

  • Bone/exoskeleton powder, sold as an aphrodisiac.
  • Cytophlegm, a chemically form of kaiju mucal secretions, known for its powerful adhesive properties. Can be moistened to loosen, then rehardens to previous strength when heated.
  • Flaky Cakes, from skin of a reptilian kaiju, are said to cure fever and headache when dissolved as tea.
  • Headchangers, a hallucinogenic substance derived from the fluids of the kaiju’s tertiary pyramidal cortex.
  • Totem jewelry, made from shavings of kaiju teeth and claws.
  • Cilia ropes, fibers often found in the aquatic portions of kaiju lung structures. Nearly unbreakable, these fibers can be woven together into personal armor.

Black-market applications, particularly Headchangers, are of course the most notorious uses of kaiju anatomical remains. However, a number of legitimate medical and scientific advances have also resulted from the study of kaiju anatomy and structure. Not least of these are achievements of Kaiju Science, which routinely purchases kaiju parts as they become available. These kaiju tissues and cells, combined with Kaiju Science analysis of Anteverse energies and kaiju, have led to the development of more powerful anti-kaiju weapons systems for newer-generation Jaegers. Examples incude the burrowing mechanism in the K-Stunner warhead and the adjusted plasma densities in the new generation of gauntlet-mounted I-22 energy weapons. Should funding for the Jaeger Project be restored at some future date, these advances would likely accelerate. In the absence of new sources of funding, Jaeger command is advised to consider licensing Kaiju Science technological advances to responsible parties.