Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Subject: Pan-Pacific Defense Corps Status Report Hong Kong Shatterdome
Chapter: Chapter 4, Page 58
Internal Memo

From: Tendo Choi
To: Command
Subject: Moral

Per regulations, this is the quarterly assessment of morale and unit cohesion at the Hong Kong Shatterdome. Salient points:

The impending return of Raleigh Becket has energized the entire staff, even those who are skeptical of his ability to catch up to developments in Jaeger combat since 2020. There is much to be gained from his reintegration into the Ranger corps. Those among the Hong Kong Shatterdome crew who previously served with Becket are particularly eager to see him in the field again. This sentiment is by no means universal, but it is widespread. In general, the Mark III redevelopment initiative and the re-enlistment of Raleigh Becket are good influences on Shatterdome morale. Support of Operation Pitfall remains strong. Staff and crew are committed to the operations and continue to display faith in Marshal Pentecost’s leadership. Staffers recently relocated from other Shatterdomes exhibit sharp increases in morale and productivity. Anecdotal evidence suggest that the availability of wider varieties of food is one driver of this change. Another is the sense. frequently expressed, that the Rangers and the PPDC Jaeger program are in “last stand" mode. Underdog sentiment and the camaraderie that always accompanies it are everywhere in the Shatterdome halls.

This attitude is perhaps best encapsulated by the mechanic who was overheard this morning saying, “The world may be about to end, but if it’s going to end, we’ll goddamn well give it our best shot first. And this is the place to do it."

Respectfully submitted on the behalf of Jaeger Research and the command staff,

Tendo Choi

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