Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Subject: For Distribution To All Ranger Candidates
Chapter: Chapter 10, Page 114
Kwoon Training and Ranger Neural Handshake Strength
Marshal Stacker Pentecost

  • The basis of the Drift is the neural-handshake.
  • The basis of the neural-handshake is psycholinguistic identification.
  • The basis of this identification is common experience.
  • The basis of common experience is training.
  • The basis of training is an invariable set of exercises within a single discipline.
  • This discipline is the study of the Jaeger.

Attached you will find training materials. Follow them on your own. When you have mastered them continue to hone you skills in the Kwoon. All candidates for Ranger deployment must achieve total, unconscious mastery of the fifty-two positions of Jaeger Bushido. Candidates will then be matched against each other in training battles to assess Drift compatibility.

Your Drift compatibility with other candidates has been measured through brain scans, personality screening, and observations of the training ground and your probationary period at the Shatterdome.

Your achievements in the Kwoon will determine whether you join the select group of humankind’s defenders we call the Rangers. Good luck.

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