Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Subject: United Nations to Sunset Jaeger Program; Pan-Pacific Defense Priorities Shift to Coastal Defense, Resettlement
Chapter: Chapter 2, Page 32
For Immediate Release

17 April 2020

Effective immediately, the United Nations Subcommittee on Kaiju Defense and Security, Pan-Pacific Breach Working Group, is reassigning funding from the Jaeger program.

The costs of the Jaeger program have proven unsustainable in view of the limited return the program offers. In the last three years we have spent trillions on Jaegers. A number of those Jaegers have been destroyed and losses to life and property are devastating.

It could be argued, and has ably been argued by Marshal Pentecost, that our situation would be much worse were it not for the Jaegers. Perhaps so. Yet this is a hypothetical argument, and we are faced with the real-world problem of bankrupting the economies of the developed nations to continue a program whose successes—however notable—no longer justify such an outlay.

We will sunset the Jaeger program in a manner that continues to prioritize the safety and security of the people of the Pacific Rim nations. While we do this, we will redirect funding toward the following initiatives:

Coastal Barricades

No kaiju has attacked a currently standing Wall. The building of these fortifications is the simplest and most cost-effective tool humanity has to combat the kaiju threat.

Evacuation and Resettlement Programs

Citizens of Pacific coastal cities will be receiving further information as new housing is constructed farther inland, prioritized according to progress on the Wall.

Completion of Undersea Barriers in the South Pacific

The kaiju must be contained at all costs, and under no circumstances will they be allowed to break out of the Pacific and threaten Europe, India, or the East coast of the Americas.

The Working Group’s members wish to thank Marshal Pentecost, his Rangers, and the entire staff of the Jaeger program for their courageous service.