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This article contains early or scrapped production information about Legendary Pictures's Pacific Rim, and is intended to work as a history book on the film's development progress.

Myron Toynbee is the name of a scrapped character from the Pacific Rim draft script.[1]



Myron Toynbee is a minor character in the original script for Pacific Rim. In his introduction, he is described as "a stout, bespectacled scientist". The character appears at the beginning of Felicity Kincaid's story arc and does not appear after her partnership with Newt is established. The character is a scientist who worked with Newt Gotlieb and Ivo Czerny, and provides background information on the character Ivo Czerny.[1]

The character was later written out of later rewrites of the script, presumably in favor of the characters Newton Geiszler and Hermann Gottlieb.


Myron Toynbee is a scientist who worked with the Combined Special Defense Corps.' Sci Division. He is the former partner of Ivo Czerny, who was exiled to Australia during his research into the Kaiju's origins.[1]

Felicity arrives at the Calixto Particle Observatory in Lima, Peru, Toynbee disagrees with the fact that Newt contacted a journalist behind the COSDEC's back, but is glad he spoke to something about their discoveries. Toynbee and Newt explain to Felicity the disappearance of their colleague Ivo, and the data collected the day the Interstice opened and Trespasser attacked Osaka, Japan.[1]