NECA Scalers Gipsy Danger (Action Figure) Series 3
Scalers Gipsy Danger-01
Product Information
Type Mini-Figure
Series NECA Scalers[1]
Release July 2014[1]
Item no. 14522[1]
UPC 6-34482-14522-7[1]
Manufactured NECA

Gipsy Danger is a "Series Three" mini-figure in the NECA Scalers series, released July 2014.

Official Description

"You’ve gotta check out Scalers! These cute, collectible minis add a dose of cool to anything they can fit their little hands around. With a sturdy grip and measuring only 2 inches high, there’s room for a bunch on any cord, cable, lanyard, strap and more. The Wave 3 Assortment includes Thor and Captain America (MARVEL), Gipsy Danger (PACIFIC RIM), Superman (DC COMICS), Batman (1966 TV series) and Godzilla (2014 GODZILLA). Collect your favorite characters from movies, video games, TV and comic books and take them anywhere!"
—Official Description[1]



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