Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps Research Report — Kaiju Science
Subject: Nature and possible vulnerability of Breach
Chapter: Chapter 7, page 88
Prepared by
Dr. Newton Geiszler
Dr. Hermann Gottlieb

Study of the bio-electromagnetic signature of the energies radiating from the Breach, as well as remote analysis of the Breach’s physical structure, indicates potential vulnerability.

The Breach requires the energy of Earth’s tectonic activity to maintain cohesion. Though a powerful and persistent phenomenon, it is also fragile, existing both on Earth and in what we have called the Anteverse. It is believed that the Anteverse is another planet, and presumably some energy source there also contributes to the function of the Breach.

Harnessing the fundamental energies necessary to the creation of a passage such as the Breach—which essentially folds space-time around itself to bring two distant points into proximity—requires technology far beyond current human capabilities, as well as focused energies equivalent to the entire output of human civilization during the last century.

The universe fights against disruptions in its fabric. Our analysis suggests that a powerful release of energy inside the Breach itself would destabilize its structure. Once this destabilization took place, the fundamental equilibrium of space-time would forcibly reassert itself. In other words, the Breach would collapse, sealing Earth off from the Anteverse again. [A detailed mathematical analysis is attached to this executive summary; q.v.]

Required energies are easily available to the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps in the form of tactical nuclear weapons. Detonation of such a weapon inside the Breach is, per our mathematical analysis, more than 96% likely to collapse it permanently. Kaiju Science recommends that the avenue of attack be pursued immediately and with all vigor.