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Dr. Newton Geiszler is a scientist and former K-Science officer of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. During the end of the Kaiju War, Newton Geiszler was the first human to attempt a Drift with a Kaiju, triggering the circumstances that led to the first Double Event, as well as the solution to destroying the Breach in 2025. A decade following the end of the Kaiju War, Newton leaves the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and now works for Shao Corporation[5] The drift experiment on the Kaiju brain several years ago has corrupted his mind to the Precursors.

He is the secondary antagonist of Pacific Rim: Uprising.


Early Life

Newton was born January 19, 1990 to parents Monica Schwartz and Jacob Geiszler. Newton's father was a pianist and his mother was a opera singer. Newton was conceived during an affair between Monica and Jacob. Following his birth, he was left in the care of Jacob's family when Monica chose to pursue her career as a singer. Jacob and his brother Illia Geiszler raised Newton on their own.[2]

Meeting Hermann

Following the August 10, 2013 Kaiju attack in San Francisco[6], Newton begins written correspondence with Hermann Gottlieb. The two form a rapport over the next three years through their letters before finally meeting in 2017. Coming face to face with each other, Newton and Hermann take an immediate dislike toward each other and part ways.[2]

Pan Pacific Defense Corps

Newton joins the Pan Pacific Defense Corps in 2016.[1] Following his graduation from the Jaeger Academy, he is assigned to the K-Science division. As a Cryptozoologist, he studies and examines the biology of the Kaiju remains salvaged from Jaeger battles in order to determine their weaknesses and understand them better.

His fascination with the Kaiju grows in such a way that he is considered a "Kaiju Groupie" by some within his division.[6] In 2020, Newton is assigned to the Hong Kong Shatterdome with his former pen-pal, Hermann Gottlieb. Following the gradual decline of the Jaeger Program and its eventual decommission by the United Nations, Newton and Hermann are all that remain of the K-Science Division when Stacker Pentecost rallies what remains of the organization to continue the fight against the Kaiju.

Pacific Rim

Following the re-recruitment of Raleigh Becket by Stacker Pentecost, Newton works in disharmony with Newton in the effort to discover a means that will help the PPDC defeat the Kaiju. During a debriefing with Herc Hansen and Stacker, Newton deduces that the Kaiju are cloned, their internal systems practically identical.

In order to prove his theory right, Newton suggests that he attempt a Drift with one of the Kaiju brains they procured. Stacker, however, denies his request, and chooses to go with Hermann's plan to attack the Breach with a thermonuclear bomb while the Breach was stabilized by the increased traffic. Not dissuaded by Stacker's orders, Newton creates a makeshift pons system in the absence of Hermann, and proceeds to Drift with the brain of a dead Kaiju. The process overwhelms him and triggers a seizure from a neural overload that leaves him senseless.[6]

Hermann discovers him on the lab floor and rushes to retrieve Stacker, reporting his actions to the commanding officer. When he recovers from the Drift, Newton manages to explain that the Kaiju operate through a hive mind controlled by masters that intend to colonize the Earth once the Kaiju have wiped out the human populace.[6]

Stacker sends Newton out into Hong Kong City to find Hannibal Chau. When he happens upon his store, Kaiju Remedies, Chau is not interested in obtaining a Kaiju brain for Newton until he outright suggests that it's possible to Drift with the mind of a Kaiju. When Chau discovers that Newton succeeded in Drifting with a Kaiju brain, he kicks him out of his shop, leaving him to fend for himself in a public Anti-Kaiju Refuge. Newton's connection to the Kaiju draws Otachi to the public shelter and is nearly killed, but the intervention of Gipsy Danger draws the Kaiju away from the scientist.[6]

Newton returns to Hannibal Chau's shop angry, and demands that Chau provide him with a Kaiju brain. Following the death of Otachi, Chau and his crew attempt to retrieve Otachi's brain, but their harvesting attempts are cut short by the emergence of a infant Otachi that swallows Chau and chokes itself to death with its own umbilical cord when it attempted to kill Newton.[6]

Deciding to use the infant Kaiju's brain in his second attempt to Drift, Newton convinces Hermann to Drift with him. The two are able to discern that Striker Eureka and Gipsy Danger would require a Kaiju's genetic material to enter the Breach successfully. Newton and Hermann relay the information to the Rangers quick enough for Raleigh and Mako Mori to enter Breach and destroy it using the Jaeger's self-destruct sequence.[6]

Pacific Rim: Uprising

In the ten years that followed the end of the Kaiju War, Newton decides to leave the PPDC. Going into business for himself, Newton lives in luxury as a result of his work with Shao Corporation.[5] However, the drifts on the Kaiju brain and baby Otachi several years ago and his frequent drifts with "Alice" (presumably the same secondary brain taken from Mutavore that he first drifted with) had somehow corrupted his mind and he began to become almost possessed by or fused with the Kaiju and Precursor hivemind. Subsequently, he enacted a plan to bring the Kaiju back to Earth to cleanse the planet for his masters. He managed to trick the CEO of Shao Corporation, Liwen Shao, to create an army of Kaiju-Jaeger hybrid drones to incapacitate all Jaegers and the PPDF.

During the attack of Kaiju-Jaeger hybrids to the main base, Dr. Hermann Gottlieb and Newton arrive at Shao Corporation infiltrating with the help of Newton. Hermann tells him that he believes that the traitor is Liwen Shao when using Kaiju infected brains in the self-employed Jaegers; Newton tells him that he has a way of turning it off that she did not know about but he tells her that the best thing is for them to continue doing their work. Hermann then questions his decision and Newt reveals to him what he has planned.

For years, Newt had planned to destroy the planet Earth to make way for the Precursors and installed a secret subroutine in the autonomous system of the drone Jaegers to get them out of the control of their pilots and destroy everything in their path. Newton, who in turn is controlled by the Precursors through the corruption of his mind, takes Hermann by the neck, ready to kill him, telling him that no one will prevent his plan.

Just then, Liwen arrives with a gun and tells him about how she did not know what he did, he tells him that by being smarter, he did not mean there were things he could not do, in this Liwen was ready to kill him, but Hermann deflects the gun, telling her that Newton was being controlled and it was not his fault.

Geiszler arrives in Tokyo to use the three new Kaiju that managed to cross the breaches created during the attack of the Jaeger/kaiju Hybrids to use them on Mount Fuji, which contained rare elements of the earth, thereby triggering a mass eruption of all the volcanoes along the Pacific rim and destroying the atmosphere, terraforming the earth and giving way to the Precursors.

During the battle between the three new Kaiju and the remaining Jaegers, Geiszler releases hundreds of miniature repair drones which he uses to fuse the three Kaiju in order to form a Mega-Kaiju which fights the Jaegers, destroying all but Gipsy Avenger. Whilst Gipsy Avenger is incapacitated, the Mega-Kaiju makes its way almost to the peak of Mt. Fuji, only to be stopped at the very last second by Gipsy Avenger launching from the sky to its location, splitting it in two. Geiszler, upon seeing that this plan has failed, turns to enact his (unknown) backup plan, only to be knocked out by Nate Lambert in one hit. Newton Geiszler is locked in a prison, saying that it will not be the last attack, more Kaiju will come through the portal to wipe out humanity, but Jake Pentecost tells him that this time they will take the fight directly to the home universe of the Precursors.


  • Charlie Day and Burn Gorman were the first actors officially announced to return for the Pacific Rim sequel.[7]
  • During the production of the Pacific Rim sequel under Guillermo del Toro, Newton Geiszler and Hermann Gottlieb were mislabeled as the leads of the sequel.[8][9]
  • He is the first human to ever side with the Precursors to destroy humanity.


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