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Nova Hyperion
Technical Information
Given Name Nova Hyperion
Launch Date 2018[1]
Classification Mark-4[2]
Status Destroyed[3]
Country of Origin South Korea[4]
Jaeger Specifications
Battle Specifications
Pilots Pang So-Yi[5]
An Yuna[5]
Out-of-Universe information

Nova Hyperion is a Mark-4 South Korean[2] Jaeger.


Nova Hyperion is stationed at the Vladivostok Shatterdome until the Shatterdome's closure on December 11, 2024.[6] Its pilots were Pang So-Yi and An Yuna. The pilots was once both competitive fencers and Olympic hopefuls before becoming Rangers.

Station Inconsistencies

According to Travis Beacham the Defense Corps. built a Shatterdome in Osaka, Japan in response to Asia's proximity to the breach. Nova Hyperion and Tacit Ronin were stationed there.[7][8] However, he later states he is uncertain that Osaka is the Shatterdome's location.[9]


  • Pang So-Yi and An Yuna are both female pilots.[5]


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