November Ajax is a Mark-6[1] Jaeger.


Early Combat History

Based in Santa Monica, November Ajax operates like an omniscient police force on the lookout for Rogue Jaegers built by civilians stealing or purchasing Jaeger parts from the black market.[3]

Pacific Rim: Uprising

November Ajax encounters Scrapper during its patrol in the Santa Monica area. When the smaller Jaeger escapes from a warehouse, the pilots of Ajax advise Amara Namani to deactivate the Jaeger and exit her Conn-Pod.[4]

When Scrapper deploys a smoke screen, it attempts to evade November Ajax. Ajax, however, catches sight of the Jaeger and declares they are in violation of laws established by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. In Scrapper's attempt to outrun the Mark-6 Jaeger, November Ajax uses the electrified grappling hooks incorporated in its knuckles to incapacitate the Jaeger.[4]


November Ajax is a broad-shouldered Jaeger with a blue color scheme that, in a two-fold manner, invokes both the image of the local authorities and the militarized Pan Pacific Defense Corps and stands at the height of 259 feet.[3]

Based on its activities, November Ajax uses a loud-speaker to halt the pilots of Rogue Jaegers, demanding that they cease-and-desist their illegal activity.[3] Within its fists are electrified grappling hooks that send shocks designed to disable Rogue Jaegers who refuse to follow orders.[3]



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  1. According to The Art and Making of Pacific Rim: Uprising November Ajax is twenty five stories tall
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  3. EMPIRE Magazine: "In 2030, the Jaeger Programme has received an upgrade, an exotic nomenclature. Look out for Gypsy Avenger (Gypsy Danger 2.0), Bracer Phoenix, Sabre Athena, November Ajax, Titan Redeemer, Guardian Bravo and Valor Omega."
  4. Steven S. DeKnight: "!!!SPOILER!!! In a sequence that was filmed but got cut out, November Ajax was destroyed by Kaiju Drones on Santa Monica beach."


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