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Odd City Entertainment logo.

The Odd City Entertainment Poster Series was an official project sanctioned by Legendary Pictures in conjunction with the promotion of Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, released July 12, 2013.

Official Description

"Odd City Entertainment is excited to announce, in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures, a series of limited edition screen prints from varying talented artists (Gabz, Todd Slater, NE, Gordon Jones and Graham Erwin) all inspired by Oscar® nominated director Guillermo del Toro’s EPIC new movie, Pacific Rim. When looking for artists to approach this soon to be classic sci-fi flick, Odd City Founder, Roman Morales, quickly zeroed in on the perfect lot that could bring the director’s vision to screen printed glory."
—Press Release[1]

Creator's Commentary


"This is actually the first time I had an opportunity to work on something this big, so I was both excited and slightly overwhelmed at the beginning. Until now, I had worked on movies with plenty of references to be found on the Internet. In this case, I was mainly limited to the first teaser trailer that came out (pretty mind blowing by the way). I focused on Gypsy Danger, but instead of putting him in some type of massive sea battle, which was quite tempting, I proposed something inspired by World War 2 propaganda posters; something where the giant robot symbolizes the last stand of humanity. To better show the scale of the threat, I added a glimpse of the giant Kaiju hidden in the skyline. I'm pleased with the outcome and particularly with my version of the poster title, clearly inspired by Japanese apocalyptic cinema posters"

James Fosdike

"Put a giant monster in a film and I’m there. Put a giant robot in a film and I’m there. Put them together and you’ve made me a child again. I’m so excited about this film and I am absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to draw a poster for it. When I saw the trailer, the image of the young girl on a deserted street watching the jets fly over really struck a chord in me. I was reminded of the films, cartoons and comics that I read and loved as a child. I wanted to know what caused that street to be deserted, what the girl was in awe of, and where the jets were going. Lucky for me I was able to find out, and to create my impression of what was in store!"
—James Fosdike[2]


"It is daunting to work on a project with so much scope and potential like Pacific Rim, not having seen the movie. While poring over the various references that were available, the notion of two people having their minds synchronized to control a giant robot really caught my imagination. The concept of people entering each other’s minds in such a complete way is haunting to me. It’s a really intimate and abstract idea for such a large movie. That being said, I decided to make the poster more about the human characters than the monsters. I wanted to show the characters in a heroic, almost patriotic way, while also visualizing this pilot to pilot connection."

Graham Erwin

"When I first approached by Odd City to work on a poster for Pacific Rim, I immediately dove into watching all the trailers available to get a sense of what I found personally exciting about the film. The thing that struck me was how the Jaegers seemed truly massive, towering, and powerful. Each robot was designed with very strong silhouettes and such high levels of detail that I knew they would work well as a focal point with my illustration style. After some talk with Odd City’s CEO, Roman, we decided to go with the 12″ x 36″ format and custom lettering to hopefully put a unique spin on what is already a great property."
—Graham Erwin[4]

Todd Slater

"This was a difficult print to make because I wasn't allowed to see the film beforehand. Fortunately, I was given access to some unseen footage and a folder full of detailed reference materials from WB & Legendary. When I first began seeing the early images for Pacific Rim I was immediately struck but the scale of the Jaeger’s versus the humans. These pictures served as a reminder of how fragile human life is and I decided to create my image around this thought. There's a tenderness to Guillermo's spanish films that I wanted this print to touch on. I wanted to depict these giant machines as the protectors of humanity from the mysterious beasts that emerged beneath the ocean."
—Todd Slater[5]



Released July 2, 2013[6]

James Fosdike

Released July 7, 2013


Released July 9, 2013

Graham Erwin

Released July 11, 2013

Todd Slater

Released July 16, 2013


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