Onibaba Profile
Technical Information
Breached May 15, 2016[1][2]
Category II[1]
Status Deceased[1]
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 188 ft (57.3m)[1]
Weight 2,040 tons[1]
Speed 4[1]
Strength 6[1]
Armor 9[1]
Combat Specifications
Behavior Primarily defensive; will lash out when provoked[1]
Toxicity Medium[1]
Power Two sets of viselike pinchers and toxic spiked barbs lining its plating
Weakness Neck
Target information
City Targeted Tokyo, Japan[3]
Jaeger Targeted

Onibaba is a Category II Kaiju.[1]


Bearing a striking resemblance to a crustacean and a Japanese temple[4], Onibaba appears somewhat smaller than the rest of the Kaiju in height, but larger in terms of width.

This Kaiju possesses four large legs, along with two thick claws. Onibaba's claws are said to able to crush over 50,000 pounds per square inch.[5] Two small, arm-like appendages reside in the Kaiju's thorax.

Onibaba also possesses a high crest above a large, symmetrical head that can withstand close range and energy based attacks. Onibaba is not openly hostile and rather passive; despite the damage it caused to the general area of Tokyo, it actively avoids combat with an enemy unless provoked. Even then, its attacks are primarily defensive rather than aggressive.[5]


Onibaba's attack on the Japanese capital city of Tokyo was dubbed the "Onibaba Incident". The beast lays waste to the city, killing millions of people. The air force's attempts to destroy the creature only result in the further demise of the pilots involved.

In the midst of destroying the city, it notices a terrified little girl wandering the streets crying for her parents: Mako Mori.[6] The Kaiju relentlessly chases and corners her, but is interrupted by the arrival of Coyote Tango.

Piloted by Stacker Pentecost and Tamsin Sevier, the Jaeger is deployed to the city to aid the military in luring Onibaba into a more isolated area in order to prevent further casualties.[5]

During the battle, Onibaba is able to inflict some degree of damage to Coyote Tango's head.[5] Tamsin Sevier blacks out from a seizure, forcing Stacker Pentecost to undertake the dangerous task of piloting the Jaeger alone.[2] He succeeds in doing so and kills Onibaba, saving Mori.[7][3]

Other Appearances

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  • "Onibaba" means "demon hag" or "Ogre Grandma" in Japanese.[8]


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