The following is a list of other external and non-canon media appearances by Otachi.

Pacific Rim: The Video Game

Otachi 2

Otachi as it appears in Pacific Rim: The Video Game.

Otachi is one of nine DLC player characters in Yuke's Pacific Rim: The Video Game. The character was added to the game July 16, 2013[1], and costs a total of 320 Microsoft points to unlock. Otachi can be selected for either the game's story mode and verses mode and experience points can be earned in each battle against the Kaiju or another Jaeger.

Otachi's move-set is comprised of basic sweeps, guards and guard-breaks. One of Otachi's biggest advantages against other Kaiju or Jaeger combatants, is its ability to fly, or hover above the ground; Otachi can dive and rush attack enemies while in mid-air and remain above ground for an extended period of time.

Otachi's Power Move, the "Acid Sack" attack, damages an opponent with a concentrated stream of acid. Otachi can also use its "Acid Sack" attack without its power gauge. Otachi's Fatal Assault attack, "Flying Slam", allows Otachi to levitate and dive-attack an opponent in a one-hit-kill move.

Basic Stats

  • Height: 358 ft
  • Weight: 3475 tons
  • Speed: 10
  • Power: 7
  • Armor: 8

Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game

Otachi (The Mobile Game)

Otachi as she appears in Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game.

Otachi is one of nine Kaiju opponents in Reliance Games' Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game.[2] Otachi is a non-player character and similar to Raiju, is incorrectly categorized as a Category III Kaiju by the game. Additionally, Otachi does not fly nor use it acid sac as a weapon in the game. Otachi is the sixth Kaiju unlocked during the game's campaign.

Beating Otachi unlocks a stats card in the "K-Science Section" of the mobile game. The appearance or difficulty of Otachi can be altered based on "Category".[2]

Basic Stats

  • Height: 207 ft
  • Weight: 2690 tons
  • Speed: 9
  • Power: 6
  • Armor: 7