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PPDC Proving Ground
PPDC Proving Ground
Brawler Yukon runs its first demo
Geographical Information
Country United States
Location Kodiak Island, Alaska
Establishment N/A
Population N/A
Status Unknown
In Pacific Rim
Notable Events Brawler Yukon demo (Janurary 30, 2015
February 18, 2015)[1]
First Drift (February 18, 2015)[1]
Notable Inhabitants Jasper Schoenfeld (formerly)
Caitlin Lightcap (formerly)

Pan Pacific Defense Corps Proving Ground (or Jaeger Testing Facility[2]) is a military reservation located on Kodiak Island. It was used to field test and construct the first line of Jaegers during the Kaiju War.[1]


When Jasper Schoenfeld's Jaeger concept was approved and funded by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, he and Caitlin Lightcap's operations were moved to Kodiak Island. There they were given a facility and reservation to test the first Mark-1 prototype, Brawler Yukon, in 2015.[1]

After an initial failure that resulted in the death of a test subject, Yukon was made a proven success when Dr. Lightcap successfully bridged her mind with the second test subject, proving the viability of the Jaeger Program. The first series of Mark-1 Jaegers, including Horizon Brave, were constructed on the island ready for future combat deployment against the Kaiju.[1]




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