Pacific Rm: Aftermath Issue #2 is the second of six issues in Pacific Rim: Aftermath. This second issue was released February 21, 2018.[1]

Official Summary

"Prepare to return to the epic universe of Jaegers and Kaiju with PACIFIC RIM AFTERMATH, the official comic book prequel to the highly anticipated new film PACIFIC RIM UPRISING starring John Boyega and coming to theaters March 2018. Santa Monica, 2034. In a city that was once the jewel of the west coast, a new world has emerged: one rising up from the ashes of giant robots and giant monsters. As tensions rise in this aftermath city, disgraced pilot Griffin has an explosive reunion in a Jaeger scrapyard; a dangerous figure from the past encounters the mysterious Sisters of the Kaiju; and Jake Pentecost takes one step closer to unlocking the key to his father's past. The 6-part series is a gritty action adventure that explores a new criminal underworld born in an age of monsters and mechs, and an unmissable story for all PACIFIC RIM fans."
—Official Description[1]

Plot Summary

Aftermath (Part Two)

Following the ambush by Giovanni Capello's men, only Joshua Griffin, Verma, and Pena survive the gunfight, and are barely able to escape with the plasma capacitor or their lives. They return to Los Angeles where Pena blames Griffin for getting Dwayne killed. Griffin brushes him off and gives the plasma capacitor to Chris Dubango, who intends to complete the construction of Enforcer, a Rogue Jaeger built for Mech Czar's protection.

Mech Czar demands an explaination for what happened at the Santa Monica Scrapyard when her headquarters is bombed by Giovanni's men, with Giovanni leading the attack. Griffin, Pena, Chris, and Czar head for the workshop where Griffin decides to pilot Bruiser against the advisement of Chris. Griffin struggles to control the Rogue Jeager as he begins his attack on Giovanni's men.

Hannibal Chau (Part Two)

On Hollywood Boulevard, Hannibal Chau watches as the Sisters of the Kaiju praise the mummified hand of Spinejackal before a crow of protesting civilians, who hate the Kaiju and the people who worship them.

Hannibal recounts his brief period of fame and fortune selling faux miracle products under Kaiju Remedies, and the moment his business fell into ruin when the Breach was destroyed by the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. He leaves the area as a fight between the Kaiju worshipers and the protesters breaks out, returning to his headquarters. Hannibal is informed by his associate Elora Reddy that the hand of Spinejackal has been acquired for "Chau Industries". He experiences a fit of pain and retreats into the locker room to attend to his pain. Elora walks in on Hannibal, glimpsing the scars he gained escaping the Baby Kaiju, and is promptly kicked out of the room.

I am Pentecost (Part Two)

Jake Pentecost recounts what he remembers about the creation of the Drift and how two-pilot system was created for the Jaegers. Jake remains bitter over the fact that his father was not present fro much of his childhood, but had the time to look after and raise Mako Mori. He rigs a Drivesuit helmet to the Drift Core from Striker Eureka and activates the box, entering the Drift.




Criminal Underworld

Pan Pacific Defense Corps




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