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Pacific Rim: Jaeger Combat Simulator is a free online browser game developed by Qualcomm. Pacific Rim: Jaeger Combat Simulator was developed to promote the 2013 film Pacific Rim, directed by Guillermo del Toro. Released June 22, 2013[1][2], Jaeger Combat Simulator is a tie-in game connected to's Jaeger Designer. The game's website has since become defunct and is only accessible by web archives.

Official Description

"In 2013, the world was torn open by transdimensional aggressors known as the Kaiju. A bold new initiative was formed, combing military might with tactical innovation to create the guardians of future... the Jaeger. Extinction is not an option. Join the fight."
—Official Description[3]


Before starting the game, players were required to link to the game through their Facebook account.[4][note 1] Afterward, they could choose to load a preexisting Jaeger they created in the Jaeger Designer, or create a new design. Using their custom Jaeger of their choice, they can enter the game through the menu.

Before each mission, the player must walk through the "Simulator Room", the central pre-game menu that allows the player to choose which level to visit and which Kaiju to fight. Additionally, there are seven characters from the film to choose as a co-pilot: Raleigh Becket, Mako Mori, Cheung Wei Tang, Aleksis and Sasha Kaidonovsky, and Herc and Chuck Hansen.

Characters do not effect gameplay nor influence the performance of the players customized Jaeger created in the Jaeger Designer. The Simulator Room tallies how much the player has acclimated in score, how many enemies were killed, their present rank and their accuracy in combat.

Cheat Codes

There are three cheat codes available to use in the game. Typing in "HEART" allowed the player to play with their custom Jaeger design and receive only 10% in damage during combat. "DRAGON" was the game's "Hardcore Mode" that increases the difficulty of the gameplay, and "PLAYON" unlocked all four missions available.


Control Scheme (JCS)

Screenshot of the control scheme used in the game.

Combat in Jaeger Combat Simulator is make up of standard melee attacks. Clicking the left side mouse of their computer, players can move execute a basic melee move and holding the left mouse tab will perform charged attack (or "Rocket Punch").

Depending on the configuration of the keyboard and type of computer being used, WASD or using the arrow buttons, will allow players to control their Jaeger. tapping the forward arrow twice will perform a power jump. Moving backward with the back arrow button allows player to evade oncoming attacks, and using the left or right arrows will allow players to sidestep enemy attacks in addition.

The number keys 1, 2 and 3 will allow plays to access a Jaeger's "power moves" when their power meters are fully charged. Health items called "Snapdragons" replenish the health of the Jaeger, and "Snapdragon Power Boost" reprises energy meter or power movies.

Mission Structure

Jaeger Combat Simulator is comprised of two levels: An open sea level surrounded by jagged icebergs and city in the distance, with a offshore oiling platform in the center of the arena map; and a sprawling downtown city.

The basic objective within each level is to defend a designated area from multiple Kaiju attacks in order to increase the overall score the player can achieve by collecting items and defeating the chosen Kaiju of each level. Player rank has, ranging from "Pilot Candidate" to "Shatterdome Marshal".

There are four missions overall in the game: "Basic Training", where the objective to kill five Mutavore (misnamed "Sydney" in the game) enemy-types and protect the offshore oil rigs off the coast; "Civilian Protection Training" requires the player to protect the city against four Mutavore-enemy types and three Leatherback enemy-types.

In "Transportation Protection Training", the player must protect helicopters transporting Pan Pacific Defense Corps-issued cargo from three Mutavore, two Leatherback, and one Knifehead enemy-types; and "Protect the City from the Kaiju" requires the player to protect the city level from six Mutavore, one Leatherback, and three Knifehead enemy-types.

The fifth level of the game is a survival mode. The player must defeat as many Kaiju as possible before the game mode ends or they are defeated.





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  1. Buddha Ent: "The Pacific Rim game is playable from your browser of choice, giving players the option of piloting one of the pre-created Jaegers or creating their own robot. Creating and arming your own custom Jaeger is certainly worth it – even if it requires linking your Facebook account – as choosing your own weapons to defend the world adds serious enjoyment to the game."