Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift: Issue 3
Variant Cover (by Pat Lee)[1]
Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov (writer)[2], Travis Beacham (story)
Penciller Marcos Marz (primary artist)[2]
Artist(s) Marcos Marz (line art),
Marcelo Maiolo (colorist),
Pat Lee (variant cover)[1]
Cover artist Marcos Marz
Publisher Legendary Comics
Language English
Pages TBA
Price $3.99[1]
UPC OCT151531[1]
Followed by Tales from the Drift #4

Pacific Rm: Tales From the Drift Issue #3 is the third of four issues in Pacific Rim: Tales From The Drift.

Official Summary

"Following the best-selling graphic novel Tales From Year Zero, Legendary takes you back to the front lines of a larger-than-life battleground with Pacific Rim: Tales From The Drift. With Itak about to deliver the fatal blow to Tacit Ronin, Duc and Kaori’s lives hang in the balance. In the recesses of their memories, the couple revisits their initial unsuccessful drifts. In the war to stop the apocalypse, will this battle be a victory or a sacrifice for mankind?"
—Legendary Comics[1]

Plot Summary

Two weeks after the events of the previous issue, Duc wakes up at the Tokyo Medical Center. There, he and Kaori are visited by Stacker Pentecost and Mako Mori, and is informed that, due to the damage their nervous systems recieved in the previous battle, they are no longer capable of safely piloting Jaeger's and are honourably discharged.

As Duc and Stacker talk, a Kaiju emerges from the Breach. Although Victory Alpha initially has the upper hand, the Kaiju is revealed to possess another set of arms, and destroys the Jaeger, although both pilots survive. With Coyote Tango still under repair, Stacker is left with no option but to order Duc and Kaori to pilot Tacit Ronin and defend Tokyo, although he warms them that the neural overload will kill them.







Cover Art

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