Pacific Rim: The Video Game
Pacific Rim The Video Game
Developer(s) Yuke's
Publisher(s) Yuke's
Distributor(s) Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Platform(s) Xbox Live Arcade[1]
PlayStation Network[2]
Release date(s) July 12, 2013
Genre(s) Fighting game
Mode(s) Single-player (offline)
Duo-players (online) [3]
Rating(s) ESRB: E+10
PEGI: 12 [3]
CERO: A [3]
OFLC: M [3]
USK: 12 [3]

Pacific Rim: The Video Game is a Fighting game developed by Yuke's.[4]



Pacific Rim: The Video Game unfolds in the year 2013. Kaiju suddenly appear out of the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean and systematically attempt to destroy the major cities of the world, threatening mankind’s very existence. Humans decide to stand up to the massive monsters by pooling all their wisdom and resources to develop colossal, humanoid fighting machines known as Jaegers.


The Pacific Rim video game is a digital downloadable title released on Xbox LIVE that recreates the epic battles between massive Jaegers and Kaiju depicted in the film. The character models to appear in the game were created from the same model data used in the film, allowing the Jaegers and Kaiju in the game to remain true to their original forms. Each Jaeger and Kaiju is unique in design, with their own weapons and fighting styles, meaning players will have to alter their tactics to account for the attributes of their character and opponent.

This may include using a plasma cannon against a flying opponent, or using speed to your advantage against a bulky giant. The game will feature a variety of landscapes, from ocean waters to city, and will also contain destructible buildings in the stages. You can do a Power Move and a Fatal Assault move for each character. Power Moves are stronger regular moves and do a lot of damage to your opponent. Fatal Assault moves instantly KO your opponent, but they leave you vulnerable while they charge up. Plus, your opponent can dodge a Fatal Assault move which leaves you vulnerable for an attack as well. The different character's Power Moves and Fatal Assault moves are listed below.

Playable Characters



Power Moves


  • Knifehead: Double Claw
  • Leatherback: Electric Shockwave
  • Otachi: Acid Sack
  • Scunner: Bullrush
  • Slattern: Tail Slam
  • Trespasser: Pounce
  • Raiju: Double Ram
  • Mutavore: Blade Somersault
  • Onibaba: Pressurized Seawater Spray


  • Gipsy Danger: Chain Sword
  • Crimson Typhoon: IB22 Plasmacaster
  • Cherno Alpha: Z-14 Tesla Fists
  • Striker Eureka: Assault Mount 3.25 Sting Blades
  • Coyote Tango: Energy Blade

Fatal Assault Moves


  • Knifehead: Slash and Stab
  • Leatherback: Body Slam to Arm Crush
  • Otachi: Flying Slam
  • Scunner: Sonic Ball
  • Slattern: Electric Ray
  • Trespasser: Fireball
  • Raiju: Toxic Gas[13]
  • Mutavore: Double Blade Somersault
  • Onibaba: Jumping Claw and Body Crush


  • Gipsy Danger: Nuclear Reactor
  • Crimson Typhoon: Thundercloud Formation/Jumping Gripper Claws
  • Cherno Alpha: Incinerator Turbines
  • Striker Eureka: Anti-Kaiju Missiles
  • Coyote Tango: VP-1 Energy Caster and Mortar Cannons synchronized blast[6]


The following is a list of playable stages available in the game.

Downloadable Content

Downloadable content that expands the playing field will be released, including more Kaiju and Jaegers from the film, new battle stages, and extra missions. Additional downloadable content released periodically will give users more options for assembling and customizing their own personal Jaegers, to be used to combat the diverse fighting techniques employed by the Kaiju.[7] Players can join one of the online teams to battle against other users around the world. You can also pit one Kaiju against another to create match-ups not featured in the film.

July 24, 2013

New DLC was added featuring

  • Unlock Handicap 4+  - 400 Microsoft points
  • 3 new boost items - 160 Microsoft points each
  1. Speed-Up LV 4
  2. HP Booster LV 4
  3. Energy Booster LV 4
  • 3 new abilities - 160 Microsoft points each
  1. Predator Shots LV 1
  2. Melee Power Up LV 5
  3. Ranged Power Up LV 5
  • LV 3 parts for all existing Jaeger Parts - 80 Microsoft points each (the full set of a Jaeger's LV 3 parts can be bought for 400 Microsoft points each set instead)
  • 2 new Jaeger Customization sets - 160 Microsoft points each
  1. Extra Pattern Set 1
  2. Extra Logo Set 1

August 07, 2013

New DLC was added featuring[7]

  • Update Package 1 - free (this is required to use new DLC)
  • Coyote Tango (Playable Character) - 320 Microsoft points
  • Tyrant LV3 Jaeger Parts - 80 Microsoft points each (the full set can be bought for 400 Microsoft points instead) (these are Coyote Tango's parts)
  • USA Bay Area and Japan (Stages) - 320 Microsoft points
  • Extra Mission 1 (Set of 8 Survival Missions) - 160 Microsoft points

September 11, 2013

New DLC was added featuring[7]

  • Raiju (Playable Character) - 320 Microsoft points
  • Extra Mission 2 (Set of 8 other Survival Missions) - 160 Microsoft points
  • Armor up Lv. 5 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Attack Speed up Lv. 4 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Movement Speed up Lv. 4 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Fortifier Lv. 4 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Sustain Energy Lv. 3 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Rapidfire Lv. - 160 Microsoft points

October 9, 2013

New DLC was added featuring[7]

  • Striker Eureka (Playable Character) - 320 Microsoft points
  • Dragoon LV3 Jaeger Prts - 80 Microsoft points each (the full set can be bought for 400 Microsoft points instead) (these are Striker Eureka's parts)
  • Momentum Booster Lv. 3 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Kinetic Booster Lv. 3 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Diamond Booster Lv. 2 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Resilience up Lv. 4 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Energy Charge up Lv. 4 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Max Hp Lv. 4 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Extra Pattern Set 2 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Extra Logo Set 2 - 160 Microsoft points

November 6, 2013

New DLC was added featuring[7]

  • Axehead & Bladehead (Playable Characters) - 560 Microsoft points
  • Power Shield Lv. 1 - 160 Mircrosoft points
  • Max Energy Up Lv. 3 - 160 Mircrosoft points
  • Fatal Shield Lv. 1 - 160 Mircrosoft points
  • Titan Shifter Lv. 2 - 160 Mircrosoft points
  • Pandora Burst Lv. 2 - 160 Mircrosoft points
  • Extra Pattern Set 3 - 160 Mircrosoft points

December 11, 2013

New DLC was added featuring[7]

  • Onibaba (Playable Character) - 320 Microsoft points
  • Infuse Energy Lv. 2 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Exp. Enhancer Lv. 3 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Omega Booster Lv. 2 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Guardian Booster Lv. 2 - 160 Microsoft points
  • Extra Logo Set 3 - 160 Mircrosoft points


Pacific Rim: The Video Game was announced through the Australian Classification Board; the game was "E+10" by the board for fantasy violence.[14] Shortly thereafter screenshots from the game were leaked online by a user on[15] and some websites were requested by Yuke's to remove them[16]. reported that Yuke's intended to release the game on as multiplatform game[2]; platforms presumably included Windows and PlayStation Network. On July 7, 2013 Yuke's released the first teaser trailer for the Xbox 360.[17]

October 17, 2013, Anime News reported that Pacific Rim: The Video Game was available for purchase on the PlayStation Network for $9.99.[18][19]

Future Game

Qualcomm-sponsored E3 screening of Pacific Rim footage, del Toro expressed an interest in creating a "more fully-fledged Pacific Rim gaming experience."[20]

"When you think about other mediums, the mistake Hollywood makes, I think, is to think of these things as a concept that was 1980s, which was ancillary product. In reality, however modest the multimedia thing may be, it should be trans-media. It should really be completing the world that you created in one medium in another."
—Guillermo del Toro[21]

He stipulates, should the film perform well, that he would be involved in every facet of the game's development to ensure the same experience with the comic and the film is given for players. "If you want it to be good, you have to be on it. The game would be the same,” he said.[21]








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