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Pacific Rim: Uprising (Soundtrack) contains material that's yet to be released or pending release. As such, some of the information might be inaccurate or likely to change. Please remember to add citations of information provided in the article before editing this page. Fan speculation will be deleted.

Pacific Rim: Uprising (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is the official upcoming soundtrack for the film of the same name. It was composed by Lorne Balfe[1], and features contributions from Anderson.Paak, Run the Jewels, DJ Shadow and Patrick Stump.


Under Paesano

Following the 2016 announcement of Steven S. DeKnight as director for Pacific Rim: Uprising[2][3], John Paesano, a frequent collaborator with DeKnight, and composer of Daredevil and The Defenders, was announced as the official composer of Uprising in January 2017.[4] Paesano recorded his score at the Synchron Stage in Vienna last fall.[1]

Under Balfe

At a as-of-yet determined point of time, Paesano was let go and replaced with Scottish composer and Remote Control Productions affiliate, Lorne Balfe. January 24, 2018, Paesano's replacement was officially announced by on Film Music Reporter.[1]

Track Listing

No. TitleMusic Length
1. "Pacific Rim Uprising"  Lorne Balfe  
2. "Born Into War"  Lorne Balfe  
3. "Rise of the Jaegers"  Lorne Balfe  
4. "Go Big Or Go Extinct (Patrick Stump Remix)[note 1]"  Patrick Stump  
5. "Daddy Yo"  Wizkid  
6. "Shatterdome Arrival"  Lorne Balfe  
7. "Sneaking In"  Lorne Balfe  
8. "Shao Industries"  Lorne Balfe  
9. "Scrapper Chase"  Lorne Balfe  
10. "Flashback"  Lorne Balfe  
11. "Nobody Speak (feat. Run The Jewels)"  DJ Shadow  
12. "Kaiju Brain"  Lorne Balfe  
13. "Combat"  Lorne Balfe  
14. "Obsidian Fury"  Lorne Balfe  
15. "Get It Done"  Lorne Balfe  
16. "Come Down"  Anderson.Paak  
17. "Shatterdome Attacked"  Lorne Balfe  
18. "Amara"  Lorne Balfe  
19. "Coming Together"  Lorne Balfe  
20. "On The Move"  Lorne Balfe  
21. "Mega Kaiju"  Lorne Balfe  
22. "Battle Speech"  Lorne Balfe  
23. "End Game"  Lorne Balfe  
24. "Victory"  Lorne Balfe  
25. "The Revenge"  Lorne Balfe  


  1. Originally composed by Ramin Djawadi