Pang So-Yi[1] was a Ranger in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and one of the pilots of Nova Hyperion.


Early Life

Like An Yuna, So-Yi is a competitive fencer with the hopes of becoming a part of the team that will head for the Olympics. Her hatred for Yuna drives their rivalry and her desire to win the spot on the team. However, in the middle of a match, the Kaiju Emergency Alert System sirens sound off inside the arena, urging its occupants to escape before the Kaiju makes landfall.[1]

During the escape, So-Yi slips and hits her head on the floor, knocking herself out. As the Kaiju rises from the water and heads for the arena, Yuna arrives in time to save her. The two survive the Kaiju's attack well into the night.[1]

Pan Pacific Defense Corps.

Sometime later Yuna and So-Yi decide to join the Jaeger Academy and are later assigned to the Mark-4 Jaeger, Nova Hyperion.[1]


Of the two pilots, So-Yi, is more inclined to grin or smile depending on the situation. Initially, her dislike of An-Yuna suggests the two could never be partners, let alone see eye-to-eye. However, their experience during the Kaiju attack, presumably brought the two closer together and allowed them to put aside their differences to help one another and the world as Rangers.[1]


  • So-Yi is pronounced (방소이, soh-ee).[1]
  • So-Yi is described by Travis Beacham as having "a round face[ed] and short, straight, very closely cropped hair."[1]
  • An Yuna and So-Yi were born in the same calendar year, however, So-Yi is "slightly older" than An Yuna.[2][3]