Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps Personnel Dossier
Subject: Hercules Hansen
Chapter: Chapter 16, Page 171
Name: Hercules Hansen
Assigned Team: Rangers, ID R-HHAN_832.84-G
Date of Active Service: November 28, 2015
Current Service Status: Active, based Hong Kong Shatterdome

Born November 10, 1980, Sydney Australia. Parents Donovan and Tess. Younger brother Scott. Son Charles born 14 August 2003. One of the first wave of Rangers, contemporary with Stacker Pentecost, continued in an active role after Pentecost transferred to leadership role within Jaeger Project. First Jaeger, Lucky Seven, destroyed.

Hansen’s wife was killed in the kaiju attack on Sydney, September 2, 2014.* Hansen saved his son Chuck, then twelve years of age [and now his co-pilot on Striker Eureka]. and transitioned from Air Force to Jaeger program in 2015, as the Jaeger Academy was opening. He is credited with eleven kaiju kills, most recently Mutavore, Sydney, December 27, 2024 [eight of these kills with C. Hansen in Striker Eureka; q.v. Jaeger dossier for full list].

  • Her cause of death is unknown due to uncertainty in the aftermath of the twin tactical nuclear strikes that brought the kaiju down. Hansen was told she died due to kaiju activity rather than either nuclear strike. This is the official record.

PPDC medical staff suggest that Hansen’s number of deployments and advancing age are eroding his reaction times and neural-handshake strength. Operational readiness does not yet appear to be affected, Hansen’s readiness must be observed closely, however, Hansen will be a valuable command asset when his combat readiness lapses below acceptable thresholds.

PPDC psychological staff suggest that the tension between Hansen and his son Charles also might affect the strength and duration of their Drift. [See dossier on Charles Hansen.] The younger Hansen is loyal to his father but also constantly seeks to supplant him and assume a dominant role in Striker Eureka’s operation. Hansen carries a burden of guilt over difficulties in raising his son after his wife’s death. This too is expected to affect the father-son Drift, if it has not already.

The Hansens should be monitored very closely and reassigned if necessary for Jaeger readiness.

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