Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps Personnel Dossier
Subject: Raleigh Becket
Chapter: Pre-Chapter 4, Page 41
Name: Raleigh Becket
Assigned Team: Ragers; ID R-RBEC 122.21-B
Date of Active Service: July 12, 2017
Current Service Status: Inactive

Born December 11, 1998, second of three. Older brother Yancy [q.v., also an active-duty Ranger, KIA February 29, 2020], younger sister Jazmine. Parents deceased. Entered Jaeger Academy at Kodiak June 1, 2016, qualified the next year. Assigned with brother Yancy as Gipsy Danger’s inaugural crew. First deploy October 17, 2017, brought down kaiju Yamarashi in Los Angeles. Four subsequent kills, all in Gipsy Danger and all with Yancy Becket as co-pilot. Deployed to Lima Shatterdome in 2019, then Alaska in 2020.

Combat citations for bravery in PSJ-18 and MN-19 engagements.

During engagement with kaiju AK-20 “Knifehead," co-pilot Yancy Becket was KIA. Survived and assumed solo control of Gipsy Danger but was dismissed for disobeying orders prior to engagement. Refused survivor benefits. Also refused mustering-out brain scan requested to analyze RB’s ability to pilot Gipsy Danger after loss of neural handshake.

Command Assessment:
Skillful but prone to lapses in judgment. Disrespectful of command structure. Strong-willed, with both positive and negative consequences.

Last known location Nome AK. Believed to be working on anti-kaiju wall construction.

Candidate for re-enlistment?—SP 12/2024