Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Subject: Potential Paths of Jaeger Size Increase
Chapter: Chapter 31, page 307
Note: this report is highly speculative and prepared at the request of PPDC Command. Please consult Kaiju Science before taking any policy or strategic action based on what follows.

Observed kaiju idividuals have been increasing in size and ferocity along a scale that resembles a parabolic curve. That curve has been fairly shallow thus far, but like all parabolic curves, it is approaching the point where it will take a turn for the vertical and become asymptotic to vertical. Though the physical laws governing the relationships between size, mass, and strength are fairly well known. Even kaiju cannot ignore them.

In real-world terms, Kaiju Science believes this means that a threshold will soon be encountered beyond which kaiju skeletal and exoskeletal structures will no longer be able to support their weight. The recently observed Category IV specimens are not the largest we will see [pending the results of Operation Pitfall], but there will not be a Category, say, XIX.

The creators of the kaiju will no doubt seek to discover this threshold as soon as possible. Once they do, we may expect that all kaiju will approach it in size. The trend from the beginning has been for the kaiju to get larger and stronger. We have also observed a number of iterations on individual kaiju features—semi-sentient appendages, flight capability, and so forth—which led us to conclude that the kaiju will continue to demonstrate new combat capabilities created specifically to address Jaeger defenses.

It goes almost without saying that the Wall will be useless against these larger kaiju.

How soon will the kaiju reach maximum sustainable size is an open question. Dr. Gottlieb’s acceleration model for the frequency of appearance carries with it the possibility that size will increase faster from instance to instance as well. It is also possible that kaiju size will increase independent of frequency of Breach traverse.

Either way, to put it plainly, soon the kaiju will all be much larger and stronger and better equipped to fight Jaegers. If a decisive action is to be taken, it must be taken quickly.

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