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Raijin is a Category V Kaiju and one of three Kaiju that attacks the city of MegaTokyo in 2035.[1]


Raijin is a bipedal Kaiju likened to a Tyrannosaurus Rex in either appearance or temperance. Its head is shaped like a Venus flytrap. Its plates also serve as a plasmic jaw, which it can close to defend itself, swallow its victims, and to absorb kinetic energy from weapons used by Jaegers. Raijin's skull is surrounded by shield-like protective plates.[3] Raijin can use the energy to empower itself or redirect it toward an opponent.[1]


Pacific Rim: Uprising

Raijin emerges from one of the multiple Breaches created by the Drone Hybrids. Accompanied by Cat-IV Kaiju Shrikethorn and Hakuja, Raijin enters MegaTokyo in order to reach Mount Fuji. At the beginning of the battle, Raijin engages Gipsy Avenger and Bracer Phoenix. When it shields itself from Gipsy Avenger's Rocket Punch 2.0 attack, Raijin's head plates absorb the impact and redirect the energy, deflecting it back at Gipsy Avenger, who is sent flying over Bracer Phoenix.[2]

While Gipsy Avenger recovers, Bracer Phoenix fires a missile barrage at Raijin, but the attack does little to harm the Category V Kaiju. Raijin attacks Bracer Phoenix, knocking the Jaeger into several buildings. Raijin charges Gipsy Avenger, who drops several buildings onto the Kaiju with its Gravity Sling. When Newton Geiszler deploys the Rippers, Raijin's body is fused with Shrikethorn and Hakuja to create the Mega-Kaiju.[2]



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  1. Stat Card: "Raijin has been classified as a Category 5 Kaiju, and is the second Kaiju to have prior combat experience against humanity."


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