Redflag Horowitz
PRTD Redflag Horowitz
Technical Information
Given Name Redflag Horowitz
Jaeger Specifications
Battle Specifications
Weapons Wave Laser
Pilots Jon Jafari
Arin Hanson
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Pacific Rim: Training Day

Redflag Horowitz is one of the three Jaegers featured in Pacific Rim: Training Day.


After realizing that they have a wave laser, Jon and Arin fire it wildly in random directions. The Lt Commander notes that this is a brilliant move, as it could interfere with Crabcat's invisibility. Jon attempts to imply it was his plan all along (with Arin disagreeing). The two then widened the beam to reveal Crabcat.


Redflag Horowitz possesses a Wave Laser on its right arm. The beam can be widened to interfere with a Kaiju's invisibility.


  • Despite the Wave Laser being on the side of the right arm, the beam itself is fired from the hand.



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