Richard Becket is the father of Yancy, Raleigh and Jazmine Becket. He was the husband of Dominique Lapierre-Becket before her death at an undetermined time.[1]


Early Life

Richard is a hydraulic engineer who works on dams.[5] In 1993, he was stationed in France where he met Dominique Lapierre, the daughter of a French Merchant, in the small town of Saint-Sauveur.[1]

In 1995, Richard and Dominique are married. In November of the same year, she gives birth to the first of three children, Yancy. In 1998, Dominique gives birth to Raleigh and later, Jazmine.

Later Life

Some time after the first Kaiju Attack on August 10, 2013[6][1], Richard's wife is diagnosed with cancer from smoking.[3]

After her death, he decides to leave what remains of his family despite the protests of either Yancy or Raleigh who want him to stay.[3] At an unknown point in time, Richard Becket died.[2]


  • Drift Space suggests that Richard may have a military background if he was stationed in France in 1993.[1]