Robert Maillet is a French-Canadian professional wrestler and actor better known for his roles as the Uber Immortal in Zack Snyder's adpataion of 300 and Dredger in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes. He portrays Aleksis Kaidonovsky in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim.


In 1997, Malliet signed up with the WWF as a member of "The Truth Comission". His stage name was "The Interrogator"[2]. Prior to being called to the WWF roster, The Truth Comission was sent to the United States Wrestling Association, where Maillet's stage name was "Kurrgan The Interrogator" and was occasionally referred to as "The Kurrgan"[2]. Later, in July of 2005, he worked Jacques Rougeau's wrestling events as "Kurgan".

In 2001, Maillet starred in the television series Lexx and made his film debut in 2007 as the Uber Immortal in 300. Later in 2009, he starred in Sherlock Holmes as hitman Dredger. Maillet's other television appearances include ABC's Once Upon a Time and BCC's Merlin.[2]