Saber Athena is a Mark-6[2] Jaeger.

Official Description

"The sleekest and most elegant Jaeger ever created, Saber Athena is the fastest in the fleet, wielding twin blades in hyper-acrobatic combat."
—Official Description[4]


Pacific Rim: Uprising

Saber Athena is deployed into MegaTokyo alongside Bracer Phoenix, Guardian Bravo, and Gipsy Avenger, following the emergence of the Kaiju Hakuja, Raijin, and Shrikethorn.[3]

The Jaegers move to intercept the Kaiju's path to Mount Fuji. Early on in the fight, it blockades Hakuja, and using its Ionic Twinblades, cuts across Hakuja's right shoulder. It recovers and attempts to reengage, only for Saber to kick it in the face, knocking it back.[3]

Hakuja manages to ambush Saber Athena and disarms the Jaeger, forcing it to call Guardian Bravo for assistance as it kept the Kaiju away from its Conn-Pod. After Guardian Bravo overpowers the Kaiju, Saber Athena retrieves its Ionic Twinblades.[3]

When the Rippers fuse the Kaiju together to create the Mega-Kaiju, Saber Athena combines its Twinblades into one, and charges toward it. The Kaiju then slams its claw into the ground, creating a powerful shockwave which knocks the Jaegers off their feet.[3]

Saber Athena, Bracer Phoenix and Gipsy Avenger recover from the attack, but Guardian Bravo is disabled. They acknowledge their sympathy towards it before re-engaging against the Mega-Kaiju. Saber Athena jumps over it and manages to stab one of it's secondary brains. It attempts to reengage, but the Kaiju wrenches Saber's legs off with a sweep of its tail. The Kaiju then impales the Jaeger with its tails and hurls it into a building, likely destroying it.[3]


Saber Athena is the fastest of the Mark-6 Jaegers, designed with "ultra-light frame" utilizing "high-tensile muscle strands". Its sleek design allows to perform feats ranging from high jumps and acrobatic leaps. Saber Athena is armed with a pair of Ionic Twinbaldes, sword-like weapons, mounted to its back, that can be combined to create a larger and stronger weapon.[1] Among its other weapons are a N-16 Particle Charger.[5]

Saber Athena's design invokes the look of high performance sports cars such as the Lamborghini, and the look of an insect. Its bright orange colors are in direct opposition of the militarization of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps muted color scheme, reflecting that of the Coast Guard. Saber Athena’s speed is aided by small propulsion jets designed into its arms and legs, allowing it to move quicker than its fellow Jaegers.[5]

Kaiju Killed

The following is roster of named Kaiju defeated by Saber Athena, assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
Mega-Kaiju ?/?/2035 MegaTokyo Bracer Phoenix,
Guardian Bravo,
Gipsy Avenger,

Known Inconsistencies

  • According to the blueprint for Saber Athena, the Jaeger is a Mark-6 Jaeger. A brief video posted on the official Pacific Rim twitter account also identifies the Jaeger as a Mark-6.
  • When asked which designation was correct, Steven S. DeKnight states that Saber Athena is a Mark-7 Jaeger.[6] However, answering the quiz question on, "What is the most advanced Jaeger designation built so far?", "Mark-7" will be considered incorrect by the website.[note 1]


  • During pre-production of the sequel, when national labels were still being used, Saber Athena was a Chinese Jaeger.[5]
  • Saber Athena was originally designed with an additional sword weapon.[5]
  • Saber Athena was intentionally designed to suggest a feminine appearance.[5]


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