Scissure Profile
Technical Information
Breached September 2, 2014[1][2]
Status Deceased
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Combat Specifications
Target information
City Targeted Sydney[3]
Jaeger Targeted None

Scissure is the fourth Kaiju to attack humanity. It emerged from the Breach in 2014 and attacked Sydney, Australia.[3]


Scissure has long jaws, which emits a bioluminous glow inside its mouth. Its notable features on the head include large and elongated ear-like protrusions. It has four clawed digits and wings that stem from its arms and are connected to its back when the creature extends its arms.[3]


Prior to entering the city, the military engages Scissure near a collection of islands with a nuclear missile attack.[2] The attack delays the creature before it finally enters the city and begins to tear through the downtown district.

After three days, the military lured it to an isolated location. Before attempting a second nuclear attack, civilians were given an hour to evacuate the downtown district to escape the blast radius.[2] The military manages to lead Scissure around the area of Garigal National Park before initiating the second nuclear missile strike. The attack kills Scissure, but at the expense of that half of the city. The Anti-Kaiju Wall is later built and sections off the devastated part of the city where Scissure is killed.[3][4]



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