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Scunner (Action Figure) Deluxe Figure
NECA Scunner
Product information
Type Action Figure
Series Deluxe Series
Release Date August 2014[1]
Height 8"
Universal Product Code 634482319598[1]
Manufacture NECA

Scunner is an action figure in the "Deluxe Series" of Pacific Rim figurines developed by NECA. Scunner was released August 2014.[1]

Official Description

"From the epic Pacific Rim movie, Scunner is the largest of the Category IV Kaiju. Its appearance and behavior are akin to that of a bull. Broad and stocky, the two curved horns jutting out of its head act as battering rams against armored opponents like the Jaegers. Scunner has four arms that are all poseable, along with a bendable tail and tons of detail and additional articulation."
—Product Description[1]


With a similar body sculpt to the Series Three Trespasser and Battle-Damaged Knifehead this figure has much of the same articulation. The head, hands and waist are all ball jointed while the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles all feature ball-and-socket joints. Scunner also has a hinged jaw and bendable tail.[2]



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