Stacker Scars-01

Stacker Pentecost uses the Serna Scanner.

The Serna Scanner is a device presumably used to scan the extent of the damage received from radiation that Rangers have been exposed to after piloting Mark-1, Mark-2 and Mark-3 Jaegers.[1][2]


The Serna Scanner appears to work in a similar fashion to a blacklight, revealing what is not immediately visible to the naked eye. In a scene omitted from Pacific Rim, Stacker Pentecost uses the Serna Scanner to inspect the scars left behind from his three-hour solo run[3] in Coyote Tango.[2]


  • As a result of being an unfinished sequence, the Serna scanner may have functioned similarly to the HUDs used in the LOCCENT, Shatterdome and Conn-Pod.



Behind the Scenes

Concept Art


  1. Taku Dazai Serena Scanner from Pacific Rim: "Serna Scanner from Pacific Rim. This was a scanner for Stacker Pentecost to check on his radiation, I think. We built it but it didn’t make the final cut. Fun prop though."
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