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The following is a list of known discrepancies connected to Striker Eureka within the Pacific Rim film and external canon.

Known Inconsistencies

  • According Man, Machines & Monsters and the stats card, Striker Eureka stands at 250 feet and weighs 1,850 tons. According to its blueprints, Striker Eureka is 312 feet tall and weighs 6,650 tons.
  • In the novelization, Striker Eureka accompanied Gipsy Danger and Horizon Brave on the mission to Manilla in 2019.[1] However, according to Travis Beacham, Lucky Seven, not Striker Eureka, was the Jaeger Herc piloted in Manila.[2]
  • According to Striker Eureka's combat dossier, the Jaeger has a total of thirteen Kaiju kills. However, the novel later contradicts itself when Chuck Hansen still reiterates that Mutavore is the Jaeger's tenth kill, falling in line with the canon of the film.
  • Striker Eureka's combat dossier states Mutavore attacked December 27, 2024. However, the events of the film canonically take place January 2025.
  • On page 49 of the Pacific Rim novelization, Raleigh Becket states that no Mark-5 Jaegers were active during his latter piloting career in 2019. A few sentences later, he states that Gipsy Danger was deployed on the mission with Striker Eureka. This is likely an error on part of the author or editor.[1][3]
  • In the "Operation Pitfall" Memo, it states that Striker Eureka killed Scunner and Raiju with the thermonuclear bomb. In truth, Gipsy Danger killed Raiju with its Chain Sword, and Striker Eureka only managed to kill Scunner as it detonated the bomb.
  • According to Striker Eureka's Combat Dossier, the Jaeger has a weapon named "Pulse Gauntlet". However, no such weapon is listed among other canonical sources. This is likely the name of an omitted weapon removed in later versions of the film's script.[1]