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The Blueprints of Striker Eureka.

Striker Eureka is an Australian Mark-5 Jaeger designed to defend the coastline of Australia from the Kaiju. It was the first and only Mark-5 Jaeger in service and the last Jaeger to be constructed before its destruction in 2025.

Pacific Rim novelization

Early Combat History

Striker's first mission after its launch is December 16, 2019, in Manila. The Mark-5 Jaeger accompanies Gipsy Danger, and Horizon Brave to stop a Category IV Kaiju with a barbed-tail. When Horizon Brave is overpowered by the Kaiju, Gipsy Danger and Striker intervene and are able to save the Mark-1 Jaeger, with Gipsy Danger killing the Kaiju.[1][2]

May 25, 2020, Striker is deployed in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam alongside Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon to defeat the Kaiju that makes landfall in the city.[1][2] Later, Crimson and Striker are deployed in the Bohai Sea, to intercept the Kaiju, Kojiyama, November 30, 2024.[2]

Kaiju Killed

The following is the roster of named Kaiju defeated by Striker Eureka, assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
MN-19 12/16/2019 Manila, Philippines Gipsy Danger
Horizon Brave
HC-20 5/25/2020 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Crimson Typhoon
Cherno Alpha
Kojiyama 11/30/2024 Bohai Sea Crimson Typhoon