Sumako Mori[1] is the mother of Mako Mori and the wife of Masao Mori.


Early Life

Little is known about Sumako's life before she meets Masao. Her marriage to Masao is arranged, a matter of convenience for their families. During Sumako and Masao’s first attempts to have children, she suffers two miscarriages. Both babies are boys.[1]

In July 2002, she and Masao try for a child a third time. She carries the baby to full term and on April 23, 2003, she finally gives birth to a girl they name Mako. Throughout Mako's childhood, Sumako doted on her daughter.[1] One of Mako's fondest memories is of her mother brushing her hair.[4]

Onibaba Attack

On the day Onibaba made landfall in Tokyo[3], Sumako takes Masao to the city to receive treatment for his cancer. After his appointment, Masao and Sumako take their daughter shopping and buy her a pair of red shoes.[1] Their visit to the park coincided with Onibaba's attack.[4] Masao and Sumako lose their daughter in the crowd during the rush to escape the Kaiju.[4] Sumako and Masao are killed by the Kaiju, leaving Mako on her own.[1]