The "TV Reporter"[1] is a television reporter in Sydney, Australia. She was present during the Mutavore attack in 2025.


Mutavore Incident

When the Category IV Kaiju, Mutavore, emerges from the Breach and destroys the Anti-Kaiju Wall, the TV Reporter was present during the incident. She witnessed the fight between Mutavore and Striker Eureka and its defeat. Afterward, she reports the incident in a live broadcast, recounting that Mutavore broke through the wall in "less than an hour", a contradiction of the United Nations claims that the Wall could withstand an attack from a Category IV Kaiju.

She interviews Chuck Hansen, who declares that the Jaeger Program was shutdown because of "mediocre pilots". The reporter, doubtful of the actions of the United Nations, poses the questions of why he and his father are still going to Hong Kong, Chuck defends his actions as "following orders".