Tacit Ronin
Technical Information
Launched December 6, 2015[1]
Mark Mark-1[1]
Status Destroyed[2][3]
Origin Japan[4]
Jaeger Specifications
Height 244ft (74.4m)
Weight 7,450 tons
Speed 8
Strength 7
Armor 3
Combat Specifications
Op. System Stellis CM[2]
Energy Core Actinide 235[2]
Weapon(s) Fangblades[2][1]
Body Language Shikon Kobushi (The Fang-Fist Way)[2]
Power Move(s) Cobra Strike[2]
Pilots Duc Jessop[5] (deceased)
Kaori Jessop[5] (deceased)
Kaiju Killed 3[2]
Out-of-Universe information
Appeared In (canon) Pacific Rim (cameo)
Appeared In (non-canon)

Tacit Ronin (暗黙の浪人 Anmoku no rōnin?) is the first Mark-1 Japanese Jaeger, launched December 6, 2015.


Tacit Ronin is assigned to Tokyo, Japan's Shatterdome alongside Coyote Tango and Echo Saber.[4] Tacit Ronin had a kill count of three Kaiju prior to its destruction.


Similar to Coyote Tango, Tacit Ronin is lightly armored allowing for greater speed and agility in order to evade Kaiju attacks. Tacit Ronin is powered by a nuclear reactor and is armed with a pair of fangblades mounted under each wrist, designed for close combat.

When not in use, the fangblades retract backwards, with the blade tip retreating behind Tacit Ronin's fists. "Cobra Strike" is one of its signature attack moves. Tacit Ronin also has two rear jets along the center of the back, most likely to increase its propulsion for quick bursts, similar to the ones on Gipsy Danger and Crimson Typhoon.


"Tacit" means to be "silent" or "unspoken".[6] "Ronin" is a reference to the wandering Samurai from the feudal period of Japan, one without a lord or master. Its literal meaning is "vagrant" or "wave man". Together the meaning could imply the lone and silent, wandering swordsman of Japan, coinciding with the blade-orientated Jaeger's role of patrolling the country's coastline.

Known Inconsistencies

  • The Pan Pacific Defense Corps. website contains a .PDF document citing Tacit Ronin's assignment in Lima[7][note 1] and its location being Tokyo, Japan alongside its brethren Jaegers. Travis Beacham states that Tacit Ronin's launch date (2015) conflicts the construction of Lima's Shatterdome which began in 2016.[8]
  • According to Beacham, the Defense Corps built a Shatterdome in Osaka, Japan in response to Asia's proximity to the breach. Nova Hyperion and Tacit Ronin were said to be stationed there.[9][10] However, he later states he is uncertain that Osaka is the Shatterdome's location.[11]
  • According to Pacific Rim, Cherno Alpha is the heaviest Jaeger, built at 2,412 tons. However, Man, Machines & Monsters cites Tacit Ronin as weighing three times more at 7,450 tons.[2] However, Marshal Stacker Pentecost could have been talking about the Jaegers currently in service and not ever built. Alternatively, the weights from the Book could be working with an older version of the script, and thus have inconsistencies



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Tacit Ronin


  1. "In accordance with our subsidiaries and shareholders worldwide we decide that we are willing to divert $ 19,647,000,000 CLP to speed assembly of Lima Shatterdome, which will host the jaegers Tacit Ronin and the next Mark-2 of Diablo Intercept. This strike group regional will defend the southeastern quadrant Pacific basin, from Medellin to the Patagonia."


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