Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game

Game-Tacit Ronin Mobile Game03

Tacit Ronin as it appears in Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game.

Tacit Ronin is one of nine unlockable player characters in Reliance Games' Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game. Tacit Ronin was added to the game February 2014 and costs a total $15000 player points to unlock.[1] Tacit Ronin uses a basic melee move-set and has five alternate skins can modify the appearance of character model ("Autumn", "Blood Mist", "Hell Warrior", "Olive", and "Ultimate Ninja").[2]

Tacit Ronin was modeled with two mortar canons on its back, similar to the ones used on Coyote Tango. As with the other player characters, Tacit Ronin has five available weapons that can be upgraded, purchased and added to its arsenal.[2] In particular, its default weapons, the Fang Blades, are not included with the character when its purchased and must be purchased separately. Each weapon upgrade costs $500 to $1500 player points.[2]

Basic Stats

  • Height: 244 ft
  • Weight: 7450 tons
  • Speed: 8
  • Power: 7
  • Armor: 3


Pacific Rim (draft script)

In the original script for Pacific Rim, Tacit Ronin was one of two major Jaegers featured in the story written by Travis Beacham. Tacit Ronin was a Mark-2 Jaeger, piloted by Kaori and Duc Jessop, a husband and wife Jaeger pilot team, who are friends of the script's version of Mako Mori.[3]

Tacit Ronin works in Beacham's script as a narrative foil to Gipsy Danger, an old decommissioned Mark-1 Jaeger piloted by Raleigh Antrobus and Mako. As a Mark-2 Jaeger, Tacit Ronin is one of the most advanced Jaeger's still working with the paramilitary organization, the Combined Special Defense Corps (COSDEC). During the climax of the script, Tacit Ronin takes on and kills three Category V Kaiju, Scunner, Pharaoh, and Tengu. While the Jaeger sustains grave damages, it and its pilots survive the ordeal.[3]