Tamashii Nations Logo.

Tamashii Nations is an umbrella label encompassing Japan’s top collectible brands. Products that Tamashii Nations cover range from popular mecha series like Mazinger Z and Gundam to anime franchises like Saint Seiya and One Piece , and Tokusatu serials like Kamen Rider. Tamashii Nations, and its distributor, Bluefin Distribution, is responsible for the production of specialty figures for the 2018 film, Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Official Description

"TAMASHII NATIONS is a fusion of our top brands. Tamashii means “soul.” It’s built from creative DNA and powered by passion: Cool factor. Fun. Amazement. When you hear TAMASHII NATIONS, you know we’ve poured our heart and soul into it. We guarantee you’ll find something different, something new, something surprising. And constantly evolving."
—About Us[1]


  • "Tamashii" means "soul" or "spirit" in Japanese.

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