Gnomon Gallery Exhibit-00

Screencap of the Exhibit official webpage.

The Art of Pacific Rim was an exhibit held on December 7, 2013 at the Gnomon Gallery in Hollywood, California.[1] The exhibit featured works by concept artists Alex Jeager, Allen Williams, Hugo Martin and Francisco Ruiz, as well as physical props used in the feature film. The exhibit began at 7:00 PM and ended 11:00 PM.[1]


"Join us for a special evening showcasing an array of behind-the-scenes artwork from the summer blockbuster film Pacific Rim. This gallery reception will feature a variety of concept art and production artwork from multiple artists, including robots, monsters, props, digital sculpts and more! Don't miss this chance for a sneak peak at the production process behind one of the summer's biggest films."
—Gnomon Gallery[1]

Featured Artists

  • Allen Williams
  • Brett Northcutt
  • Carlos Salgado
  • Francisco Ruiz
  • Guy Davis
  • Hugo Martin
  • John Giang
  • Keith Thompson
  • Kris Costa
  • Ryan Calloway
  • Ryan Drue
  • Simon Webber
  • Wayne Barlowe