• WHAT?!?!?! raeleigh dies why does his gipsy danger becomes the bomb his nuclear reactoer but they coudlnt put there nucleaur acter for exlposin and excape like mako all off the jaegers explode theres no jaegers now 0 jaegers in pacific rim they have to let raeleigh excape cmon yall cant do this he is my character and my fav jaeger GIPSY DANGER

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      Please learn to english so we can understand what the hell you're saying. Also have you even seen the movie? Raleigh lives, all the Jaegers are gone and the Kaiju have been stopped for now.

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    • Same dude that said that weird striker vs. knifehead thing.

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    • Dude raleigh LIVES!!!!!!!!! and also have you not heard what travis beacham said!?! 

      there will be a gipsy danger 2.0 in the sequel and seriously did you not watch till the end!?

      mako hugged raleigh because she thought he was dead but he says he couldnt breath because mako was choking him so in other words he's alive

      and one last thing Y U NO Talk in proper english?

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    • Zone, not to be rude, but you could take soem of your own advice. I agree with the other points, though.

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    • Tough crowd in here.  Beat up on the person who doesn't speak english as their first language?  Give the fellow a little slack.

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    • i know it was just really hard to read it my head hurt just by reading it but still take in these facts

      ONE:raleigh's not dead

      TWO:gipsy danger will be repaired 

      THREE:try to improve on your english

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