• by check newton eyes,  he know that newton attempted a drift with kaiju brain. Newton eye bleeding after he connected with kaiju brain. nah, hannibal left eye was damage too, so Is he already drift with a kaiju brain? 

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    • No Chau wouldn't have the technology to even be able to connect with a Kaiju.

      When he was kicking Geiszler out when Otachi attacked, he said to go into a public shelter while he goes into his own private shelter.

      Chau clearly states that he once spent time in a public shleter points to his eye as evidence of what happened to him there.

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    • I thought he tried to Drift with a Kaiju brain? 

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    • While watching the movie I also thought he had tried to drift with a Kaiju. JR Picture's response, however, also makes sense - where would a kitchy trafficker get the necessary equipment?

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    • His damaged eye is from the shoddy protection Anti-Kaiju Shelters have for the general populace. It's why he has a personal shelter in the first place and sent Newt out to the public shelter outside of leading the Kaiju away from his bread and butter (i.e., his business).

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    • I'm not so sure. There's a line hannibal says to newton, especcially when he looks in his eyes, and from his dialogue and body knowledge he knows something is going on because of what newton did. I can't recall the line, but it seemed to indicate that hannibal had knowledge BEFORE he said the kaiju were coming for newton, that newton had attracted the kaiju.

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    • Yes, because any idiot knows that the drift system is two-way, and Newt told him that he had drifted with a Kaiju. Chau was simply the first person who realized the implications.

      Keep in mind, he himself said that no one had ever drifted with a Kaiju before when Newt wondered why there was a double event. It would make no sense for him to have said that if he had previously done so himself.

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    • Newt had already mentioned to Chau that the Kaiju are a hivemind, when Newt drifted with the Kaiju brain it works 2 ways and the Kaiju could see Newt's memories and that's what Chau was talking about. He called him a "god damn moron" because he was just told that Kaiju share a hive mind and the fact that drifting works both ways so the Kaiju know who Newt is (and Newt knew info about the Kaiju which made him a possible threat).

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    • In the novel it is stated that it came from bad, poorly-built (as Newt finds out with Otachi crashing through) Kaiju shelters, as JR said. Although first time around I really thought he had drifted with a Kaiju, it wasn't too obvious what to think in my opinion when he shows the eye (then again, I've seen PR once.)

      I wouldn't totally rule out Hannibal owning PPDC things, crazy as it sounds, considering he is the one who funds them and kept them going on in turn for Kaiju body parts.

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    • As for me.. yeah.. I don't think that Hannibal has ever tried the same tech as Newt tried to share the neural bridges between human and kaiju. But, I do believe, if Hannibal has more knowledge about Kaiju than everybody else, even the researcher like Dr. Newt. It isn't surprising, that Hannibal knew about the Newt's experiment.

      And I agree with the comments

      "Hannibal once went to a public refuge and turned out he hurt his left-eye"

      and note this:

      After Newt had drifted with the Kaiju.. The Kaijus also noticed that at the same time.

      "like a hive mind" like Newt said earlier, repeated by Hannibal.

      And they said there's never been two before. (If Hannibal had ever tried it, Newt wouldn't have said that).  And also.. Hannibal will be haunted by the Kaiju.

      Thus, the second kaiju was ordered by the Kaiju's boss to terminate the one who has access to the brain.

      and they keep cumulating the signatures (I mean the Kaijus) if they have another intruders.

      In this case, Dr. Gottlieb was the 2nd intruder :3

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    • I've seen the movie twice. I got the impression that Hannibal drifted with a Kaiju before, too. The way he reacts seems to me to show that he is terrified of the consequences that he knows will come to Newt (and anybody around him).

      Here's how I see the story. Hannibal keeps cutting up Kaiju for the governments, so he's familiar with what's going on with the Jaeger program. He knows enough to be able to construct a tool so he can drift with a Kaiju. This is during the time when the Jaegers were dominating the Kaiju war.

      Then Hannibal drifts with a Kaiju. He learns lots, but they also learn from him. All the secrets he learned from the Jaeger program are now in the hands of the invaders/terraformers. I'd imagine the Drift would damage his eye, but to keep continuity with the novel, let's say that they send a Kaiju after him and he gets injured in the shelter. So it's very similar to what happens to Newt.

      I think this would explain why the Kaiju suddenly got smarter. It especially explains why Knifehead knows to gouge Gipsy Danger's head and pull the pilots out. It's all information that Hannibal unwittingly supplied to the bad guys.

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    • No, the kaiju were just learning. Hanniball had no incentive to drift with one, because he would get no cash for it. It was a crappy shelter cutting his eye. Beacham confirmed it.

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    • It's glaringly obvious. The movie even spells it out.

      He says he has his own private Kaiju shelter, and that he "...used the public shelter once. ONCE." He then takes his glasses off and indicates his damaged eye. Hence, he hurt his eye in a public shelter and isn't stupid enough to go back to one.

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    • YAY! Someone understands the obvious!

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    • A FANDOM user
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