Titan Books

Titan Books logo.

Titan Books is a subsidiary of the Titan Publishing Group, established in the early 1980's. Titan Books is responsible for the publication of Merchandise for Pacific Rim, and Pacific Rim: Uprising.[1][2]


Titan Books was established in 1982 and is one of five subsidiaries under the Titan Publishing Group publishing company owned owned and operated by Nick Landau and Vivian Chueng following itS purchase by Diamond Comics. Titan Books focuses on the publication and sale of specialty books, comics and magazines for major entertainment media licenses.[3]

Titan Books originally operated out of a store set up for the Forbidden Planet bookstore chain that began in Drury Lane, London. In 2000, Titan Books was moved from the Forbidden Planet and given its own store, established in Southwark Street in South London.[3]

Titan Books initially published trade paperbacks for long running comic books such as the 2000 AD series that featured the UK-created anti-hero, Judge Dredd. Eventually, Titan Books publication aligned itself with DC Comics and released the trade paperback for Frank Miller 1986 series The Dark Knight Returns.

Their deal with DC Comics brought them into greater prominence and allowed them to bring ongoing, limited run and miniseries comic books to a wider reading audience, establishing the ground necessary for the prevalence of Graphic Novels that would occur later in the publishing industry.[3]